August 29, 2013

LABOR DAY plans? Local 44 celebrates all things Maine all day.

Dear Summer of 2013,

You came and went with a quickness.
I think the least you could do is give us a bar that could provide a chance for Philadelphia craft beer lovers who didn't make it up to Vacationland  the last couple months to drink her beers.
Perhaps some Oxbow, some Maine Beer Co, and I dunno..... some Allagash?
Perhaps some sips that we wouldn't be able to try if we stayed here in our air-conditioned row homes staring out at the cityscape longing for an authentic lobster roll and 77 degree weather.

Summer answered.

Local 44 has agreed to be the venue. 
And there will be a Maine picnic of sorts this Monday, Labor day.
Take a nice bike ride down Spruce Street west and enjoy the following list. I'll be there by mid-afternoon.

Maine PeeperMaine Mo
Oxbow Loretta
Oxbow Farmhouse Pale
Allagash Fluxus '12
Allagash Fluxus '13
Allagash Confluence '12
Allagash Interlude '12
Allagash BAT
Allagash FV13
Allagash Odyssey
Allagash Curieux
Allagash White

I was trying to think of a great labor day song.  I thought about Todd Rundgren's "Bang on the Drum all day" But I'm going with the greatest day-drinking song in the history of music, "The Weight" by the Band. performnig at Woodstock summer of '69.

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