September 2, 2014

Two Track Tuesday- The BARDOT Edition

I haven't done a Tuesday Two-track since last November honoring Neil Young's birthday. I have been too busy to blog. has been comatose and it's sad.  It's been so long that I may have to remind people what it entails. It's simple. Two versions of the same song with a theme of sorts.

The music of the recently-opened Bardot in Northern Liberties inspired me to revisit the Tuesday feature. I believe Serge Gainsbourg was playing at one point, Nina Simone at another. I thought about how many artists have paid tribute to the "Don't let 'her' be Misunderstood" jazz legend.

"Trouble in Mind" was originally played in 1924 by the pianist that wrote it, Richard M. Jones, accompanied by Thelma LaVizzo. Here you've got Nina adding her own ways to it in 1961.
She hit #11 on the charts. Many have covered it over the years- including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, and Jerry Lee Lewis...but I went with Janis Joplin as a shout out to Janis "impersonator," Smuttynose Jo who became an Aunt this week and can do Bobby McGee better than anyone you've ever met.

I can't promise you a fresh post tomorrow, but I can promise you that.

Videos are below then there's some more words on Bardot.


Janis Joplin

BARDOT is in the old space of Wine-O and Ministry of Information at 447 Poplar St.
 I never stepped foot in Wine-O. And Ministry- well let's just say they knew me.  My friend and lunch buddy Dennis Hewlett has taken the space and transformed it into a brilliant bar. As their twitter states: "It's a hideway for artists, dreamers, freethinkers, lovers and poets." Whenever we're at lunch we do a report card on service, food, ambiance, and company (I don't always get an "A") and if he ever reads this Dennis- I give BARDOT a solid "A." Gold star.

I can tell that this bar is an expression of himself.
A pendant lamp or portrait catch your eye?
He salvaged it.
Like Hunter S Thompson? So does he.
Bardot was one of the very few projects that Isaiah Zagar took on recently. Zagar is the talented mosaician (not a word ) I mean mosaic mural artist behind the Magic Garden on South St.
He brought in a chef, Rhett Vellner who's name you will see on  Philly foodsites and magazines as long as we are lucky to keep him in town. His food is outstanding and I can say this with legitimacy as I have eaten 90% of the menu.

Some might think of it as a date spot. Maybe even a "closing spot" as my friend Johnny GT used to say. The word that appears in most reviews so far is indeed "sexy." But my first trip included five people so we could pretty much traverse the entire menu. We ordered all the tartines (beef tartare is a must) most small plates,  two entrees and yes- dessert too.
Fromage Blanc Tartine wth Fig and Melon

This is from memory 10 days ago- but for me the standouts were The Falafel, The Octopus, The shrimp with White Gazpacho, the Duck Cassoulet, and the Eggs en cocotte with lamb.

If you like items with a dose of  decadence then you'll like the  Cauliflower au gratin.
Check it out when you get a chance.  They're open at 11 every day and also brunching on Saturday and Sunday.

I guarantee you regardless of day or night, you'll love every song. You'll love every bite.
(Full disclosure you can love an
 Allagash WHITE too;)
And if the report card convo comes up-
you'll probably give it a solid A.
Well-I guess that depends on your company.

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