September 29, 2015


John Prine will be in Reading later this year at the Santander Performing Arts Center.
December 5th is the calendar date. Tickets/seating here.

John Prine 1990
As he shares before performing the song- he laments his second divorce and mentions how some good country songs are the result of sad situations. Most of us have taken that trip to Splitsville. Breakups take maturity and a sense of understanding that not everyone can muster at the moment. They're brimming with bitterness and resentment. There's an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and so many sleep-preventing "What if's?"  This is a wonderful song and I hear you Mr. John Prine- I've always felt "I've got so much love that I can not hide."

My Morning Jacket

And now for a real treat- double duty.
Here's both of them live on Letterman this past May.
Jim James of My Morning Jacket (performing as Yim Yames as he uses a pseudonym for the compilation John Prine cover album- Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows)

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