December 8, 2015

Buckminsters Impresses Over and Over Again

Buckminsters is open for business and out of the gate is most certainly deserving of yours.
I checked out the new Point Breeze bistro at 21st and Federal last week to celebrate my friend’s birthday.
It’s sharp.  The atmosphere, the service, their philosophy.
Here’s what we ate.
Three different preparations of oysters are offered. And you should try all three. Buckminsters is actually sourcing their bivalves from Cape May oyster farm, Sweet Amalia. I did a “Ladies in the industry” event with Lisa of Sweet Amalia at Time recently and I swear it was the best oyster I had ever had. I know I oft speak in superlatives but I mean it. I really mean it. It could be on the culinary pop culture show “The best thing I ever ate.”
But so could The charred broccoli with smoked eggs, capers and fried onion. That was my friend Nikole’s favorite bite of the night. I am not one to order broccoli dishes (Except maybe at Cheu noodle -Vietnamese sausage and peanuts sway me.) and it knocked my new Allagash wool socks off.
Every dish that followed was one masterpiece after another. Flawless. As I was enjoying the Braised carrots with red wine, beef and wheat berries – I thought to myself this is exactly the dish I should be having on this early December chilly day. Later on as I read about chef/owner Michael Pasquerello’s hope for the new bistro he spoke of seasonality and highlighting it was of utmost importance.
The Charred squid had a nice little zip with the addition of espellete pepper but also served with fennel, apple, and mint for balance. Fennel offered a little crunch.  If it wasn’t for the word charred in the descript I would have thought they cooked it  sous vide. I’ve said this about other squids in the city before- but there’s always one that replaces the other-so now this is officially the most tender squid in the city (big statement, I know).
For entrees we did Massaman sweet potato curry with Carolina gold rice and pickled pear and Chicken Marsala bathed in Frecon farm cider, and mushrooms with housemade spelt noodles. I’ve lived in the Italian Market area for 6 + years now and have rekindled my love affair with the Italian classic of my youth (albeit lean cuisines). But this Chicken – this is the one. I recommend only eating ½
a) so you can try more dishes and
b) so you can bring it home as it reheats perfectly. The spelt noodles actually come on the side but if you get the dish to go and reheat it you can toss the noodles in with the marsala sauce.
Service was awesome. The d├ęcor is funky yet simple. Paying homage to Bucky Fuller, an American architect, designer and inventor.

I could go on and on but “Comics unleashed” is about to come on- and that’s always a sign it’s time for bed. That show is the worst. Buckminsters is the best.

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