Slutet av Western Union Remittance Service till Kuba en Boon för Crypto

När nya amerikanska regeringsåtgärder som inför restriktioner för överföringar till Kuba träder i kraft efter den 22 november kommer Western Union, som har verkat i önationen sedan 1999, att stänga butiken. Den nya regeln, som publicerades den 27 oktober, gav Western Union 30 dagar på sig att genomföra nya begränsningar. Den nya regeln kommer sannolikt … Weiterlesen

A execução do Bitcoin Node da Microstrategy é irrelevante: O milionário Bitcoin Olivier Janssens diz por que

Cripto milionário e „pai fundador“ do projeto Sociedade Livre, Olivier Janssens, levou ao Twitter para explicar a Michael Saylor por que a estratégia Microstrategy está administrando um nó Bitcoin completo não importa muito para a rede Bitcoin. A estratégia Microstrategia executa um nó Bitcoin completo – nada demais, diz Olivier Janssens Em 29 de outubro, … Weiterlesen

ETH na 3-miesięcznej wysokości po Bitcoin Reversal: 500 dolarów przychodzących? (Ethereum Price Analysis)

W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin w Ethereum nastąpił silny wzrost cen o 9,4%, gdyż przekroczył on opór 416 dolarów i przekroczył 440 dolarów. Ethereum obecnie handluje na 3-miesięcznym szczycie i jest w drodze powrotnej do 500 dolarów. Przeciwko Bitcoin Lifestyle owi Ethereum odbił się od 0.0267 wsparcia BTC. ETH/USD – Ethereum odbija się od wsparcia … Weiterlesen

Coinfirm has integrated Chainlink oracles for anti-money laundering in the DeFi sector

Analytical company Coinfirm has announced the integration of the Chainlink oracle network into its AML solution. This will enable projects from the decentralised finance sector (DeFi) to track transactions with suspicious patterns. Coinfirm’s existing product called AMLT Oracle includes more than 270 different criteria for risk assessment, the ability to add addresses to the blacklist … Weiterlesen

Ethereum Mine Technician with Airport Computers: Report

An Italian airport technician was reportedly arrested for allegedly using grid and power systems to mine Ethereum. The technician is said to have installed five powerful airport computer processors for an Ethereum mining farm The system was only detected when technicians noticed „anomalies“ and alerted local police. The Trust Project is an international consortium of … Weiterlesen

Marathon will purchase 10,000 Bitmain S19 Pro miners

The new batch of ASIC miners is expected to be delivered in January 2021 and installed by the end of the first quarter. Once the flagship devices are in operation, the total number will reach 23,560. At Marathon, the company-generated hash rate is expected to rise to 2.56 EH/s by June. „This will make us … Weiterlesen

Antonopoulos: Comprare il caffè con ‚Medium of Exchange‘ Bitcoin è un’idea obsoleta

Se il Bitcoin agisca ancora come un efficace mezzo di scambio è stato un dibattito nello spazio cripto. Mentre alcuni usano la cripto-valuta per il suo uso di pagamento, molti la vedono come una migliore riserva di valore tra le altre valute crittografiche e fiat. Nel whitepaper Bitcoin, l’obiettivo di Satoshi era una „versione peer-to-peer … Weiterlesen

Buffett cuts his position in Wells Fargo, favoring the bullish thesis for gold and Bitcoin

  Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have significantly reduced their investment in Wells Fargo, selling 100 million shares. The Oracle of Omaha continues to downsize its position in banking stocks, supporting the bullish perspective on gold and Bitcoin (BTC). According to Fox Business on September 5, Berkshire held $32 billion in Wells Fargo shares. The … Weiterlesen

Mise à jour du marché Crypto: Trading BTC $ environ 11500 $, trading YFI $ plus de 25000 $

Cet article fournit une mise à jour (à 21h25 UTC le 29 août) sur le marché des crypto-actifs, avec un accent particulier sur les actifs numériques suivants: Bitcoin Code et (YFI). Pour vous donner une idée approximative de la performance du marché de la cryptographie aujourd’hui, 41 des 50 principaux cryptoactifs (par capitalisation boursière) … Weiterlesen