SkyBridge Capital invests $ 182 million in Bitcoin (BTC)

Anthony Scaramucci’s investment fund, SkyBridge Capital, has just invested $ 182 million in Bitcoin (BTC). This purchase follows the creation of a new investment fund entirely dedicated to Bitcoin.

SkyBridge Capital dedicates 2% of its funds to Bitcoin

New week, new institutional investing millions of dollars in Bitcoin (BTC). SkyBridge Capital investment fund is the latest to join the “ Bitcoin Club ” circle , which is welcoming new members at an astounding rate.

According to a brochure for investors obtained by The Block, SkyBridge Capital has indeed just invested $ 182 million in Profit Secret.

Based in New York, this investment fund founded by Anthony Scaramucci has under management more than 9.3 billion dollars . Its investment in Bitcoin is roughly equivalent to 2% of its funds .

However, this purchase of bitcoins by SkyBridge Capital is not so surprising, and was even expected. Last week, the company filed a case with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a fund dedicated solely to Bitcoin . SkyBridge has notably partnered with Fidelity Digital Assets and Silvergate to successfully launch this fund.

Already in operation, this fund called “  Skybridge Bitcoin Fund LP  ” has also invested $ 25.3 million in Bitcoin, according to the brochure shared with investors. This will be open to outside investors from January 4, who will have to invest at least $ 50,000 .

A new standard?

For a few months now, institutional investors‘ appetite for the queen of cryptocurrencies has not seen the slightest weakness, which can be felt directly in the price of Bitcoin . By approaching $ 30,000, Bitcoin has proven to all of its abilities to recover from a financial crash, especially that of March 2020 when it was around $ 4,000.

Bitcoin is one of the best performing financial assets of the year, with more than 278% increase . A performance that places it very far ahead of gold , which shows an increase of nearly 29% over the last 12 months:

In addition, Anthony Scaramucci is categorical, it is not too late to invest in Bitcoin :

“For us, I don’t think it’s late. On the contrary, it is the first step. You are about to see this wave of early adoption by the institutional community. I would like our investors to get involved before this happens on a large scale, ”he said.

Next year should have some nice surprises in store for us in the cryptocurrency world. Although Bitcoin is likely to see a correction soon , it is highly likely that it will hit new highs in the coming months.

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